Kurrajong Pistol Club offers

WA1500 Match

At its basics, the ‘WA’ stands for World Association; the ‘1500’ is the maximum score (150 shots at a target with a 10-ring).  Pistol Australia has recently been successful in gaining affiliation with WA1500 and adopted the 150-shot match as a PA match.  While the international body lists three courses of fire, for the introduction of this match only the 150-shot match has been adopted; this is the ‘world championship’ match.

The adoption of this match by PA provides a ‘career pathway’ for our Service shooters; WA1500 Match is an international match with a world championship!

The 1500 Match is very similar to our PA Service Pistol; no accident or coincidence, as these and a number of other ‘service’ type matches around the world share common ancestry.  Ranges approved for PA Service Pistol should have little or no problem adapting to the 1500 Match, with the only difference being the provision of a 15 Yard firing line. Additionally, WA1500 recognises that there is objection to the B27 target in various countries around the world and allows the use of alternative targets (as in Germany and Sweden) provided the scoring rings are the same.  Fortunately, the PA Service Pistol target uses the same scoring ring dimensions with the exceptions that 1500 Match target does not score less than ‘7’ and has a ‘X’ ring.

The 150-Shot Course

  • 12 Shots at 7m / yds
  • 12 Shots at 15m / yds
  • 18 Shots at 25m / yds
  • 24 shots at 50m / yds
  • 24 shots at 25m / yds
  • 12 shots at 7m / yds
  • 18 shots at 25m / yds
  • 24 shots at 50m / yds
  • 6 shots at 25m / yds

The Target

B27 Target

PA Service Target

In summary:

The Match - 150 shots.

The Pistols - For the introduction of the 1500 match, pistols to meet PA Service Pistol criteria are accepted (note that the minimum calibre for revolvers is .32; for semi-automatics .35 (i.e. 9mm). In Australia, trigger shoes or trigger extensions must not protrude beyond the dimensions of the trigger guard.

The Targets -Use PA Service Pistol targets; overlays will be available to score ‘X’ ring shots.

The Holsters - As for Service Pistol and International 1920 Match. Note that shooters MUST have a current PA approved Holster Accreditation.

Range Officers- PA Range Officers for Service Pistol, and/or International 1920 Match are authorised to run the 1500 match.

Ammunition - There is no power factor for this match.

Additional safety requirement - As for all matches of this type for Pistol Australia, all personnel must wear approved eye protection.

The ranges- Clubs should ensure their range approval permits the conduct of the match on their range before introducing this match (there are very important insurance considerations).

Match approval within a jurisdiction - if needed, State associations should obtain approval for the conduct of the match within their legislation before introducing this match within their association.